Susan English (Ph.D. Higher Education) taught her first dance class on a rooftop in China in 1980. Susan has called monthly contra dances and squares since 1990 and has taught social ballroom since 2000.  Known for her varied program and winning smile, Susan especially enjoys designing dance programs for special events and brides-to-be.  At home, Susan evaluates nonprofit programs as an independent consultant.  To the world of music and dance, Susan brings her personal mission of building bridges between people of different cultures.

Bill Alkire (M.S.W.) grew up with traditional music and dance in central Ohio. Bill has provided dance leadership for groups from Alaska to Denmark, including Dancing Bears of Alaska, Bay Area Country Dance Society, Folklore Village, Pinewoods Camp, Maine Woods Folk Dance Camp, and the Silkeborg 1994 Spring Dance Festival in Denmark. Bill has served on staff multiple years at Berea College Christmas Country Dance School, Buckeye Leadership Workshop, Great Lakes Recreation Lab, Kentucky Summer Dance School, Cumberland Lakes, Terpsichore's Holiday, and Olglebay Institute Folk Dance Camp. As a retired director of community mental health, Bill sees dance as a key to good mental and physical health and to strong organizations, families, and communities.

Susan and Bill stay busy and healthy with their organic garden in Wooster, Ohio.